Products client (Angular)

This is the frontend client for the Products module, written in Angular.

Develop this client

  • To build the project: ng build {name-of-module}
    • The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the --prod flag for a production build.
  • To run tests using Karma: ng test {name-of-module}
  • To run end-to-end tests using Protractor: ng e2e {name-of-module}

File structure

  • /components: Components that do not have roots assigned to them.
  • /helpers: The client’s helper classes.
  • /pages: Components that have roots assigned to them.
  • /services: Classes that provide data.
  • /state: State-related files and data models.
  • /styles: Contains styles specific to the client.
  • routing.module.ts: Where the client’s routes are defined.
  • ngModule: Where components, services, pipes, etc. are defined.


This client connects to the following services:

API documentation (Compodoc)

Run npm run compodoc to generate Compodoc documentation to the /documentation directory.


Copyright ©2019 Humanitec GmbH.

This code is released under the Humanitec Affero GPL. See the LICENSE file for details.