Kupfer document service (Django)


The documents service provides the backend with an API for storing static files in an Amazon S3 Bucket and retrieving them.

It exposes the Document data model, which holds all data about a file and endpoints for retrieving the file or thumbnail directly.

REST Data models


A Document is representation of a stored file. It includes the following properties::

  • id: ID of the document.
  • uuid: UUID of the document.
  • file: The actual file which was uploaded.
  • thumbnail: A thumbnail created from the file, if it was in PNG-, GIF- or JPEG-format.
  • file_description: Textual description about the file.
  • file_name: Name of the file.
  • upload_date: Date when the document was first created (automatically set).
  • create_date: Date, which is not automatically set.
  • organization_uuid: Organization of the document.
  • user_uuid: User of the document.
  • contact_uuid: Contact of the document.
  • workflowlevel1_uuids: Workflowlevel1s related to the document.
  • workflowlevel2_uuids: Workflowlevel2s related to the document.


  • GET /documents/: Retrieves a list of documents.
  • POST /documents/: Creates a new document.
  • GET /documents/{id}/: Retrieves a documents by its ID.
  • PUT /documents/{id}/: Updates the document with the given ID (all fields).
  • PATCH /documents/{id}/: Updates the document with the given ID (only specified fields).
  • DELETE /documents/{id}/: Deletes the document with the given ID.

Non-model endpoints

  • GET /documents/file/{id}: Retrieves the file attached to the document with the given ID.
  • GET /documents/thumbnail/{id}: Retrieves the thumbnail attached to the document with the given ID.

Local development


You must have Docker installed.

Deploy locally via Docker

Build first the images:

docker-compose build # --no-cache to force deps installation

To run the webserver:

docker-compose up # -d for detached

Open your browser with URL http://localhost:8004. For the admin panel http://localhost:8004/admin (user: admin, password: admin).

The documentation can be consulted in http://localhost:8004/docs.

Development utils

To run the tests only once:

docker-compose run --entrypoint 'bash scripts/run-tests.sh' --rm documents_service

To run the tests and open the bash when they are finished - useful to allow you work faster if you want to run them more than once:

docker-compose run --entrypoint 'bash scripts/run-tests.sh --bash-on-finish' --rm documents_service

To run bash:

docker-compose run --entrypoint 'bash' --rm documents_service

Deploy to server

Environment Variables

The following environment variables need to be configured in order to make the service work correctly:

  • DATABASE_PORT and DATABASE_HOST are optional

If AWS S3 Buckets should be used for storing documents the following settings are required as well:


API documentation (Swagger)

Click here for the full API documentation.


Copyright ©2019 Humanitec GmbH.

This code is released under the Humanitec Affero GPL. See the LICENSE file for more information.